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When a quarter of business owners work 7 days per week and 34% continue working through their summer holiday without taking a break, there’s hardly time to get a coffee – let alone write a blog post! So, if you’re frantically scanning this article during a precious coffee break, this might sound all too familiar… clearly, you need a Brisbane copywriter!

But when faced with the challenge of blogging to reap the benefits of quality website content, too many business owners assume that doing it themselves will save some money.

Without a copywriter, Brisbane business owners end up wasting more precious time (and money) trying to run a blog than it would take to pay a professional.

Planning and publishing blog posts is an essential part of getting your website content together. If you think you can run a blog just because you know a lot about your industry, it’s time to think again.

We’ll break down the following components to demonstrate how much time it takes for a business owner to run a blog:

  1. Map out your content calendar
  2. Organise blog themes
  3. Write quality content
  4. Use SEO strategies
  5. Publish and design

You’ll also see how a professional blog copywriter can save you time by taking on these tasks and completing them to an exceptional standard, every time.

5 Time-Consuming Things
You Would Have to do Yourself
Without a Brisbane Copywriter

Phase One | Create a content plan

Behind the blogs of 77% of businesses lies a content marketing strategy, which is presented using a content plan. This valuable document is the blueprint of your business’s success with blog copywriting.

As you learn what’s involved in the content planning process, remember that these tasks have to be done alongside your usual responsibilities. High-quality content planning takes a lot of time, and that’s when you know what you’re doing. Remember that you’ll also need to spend time researching and learning any programs or concepts you’re unfamiliar with!

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Here are the 3 main tasks involved in content planning:

1.   Plan Your Blog Content Calendar

Building a content plan with a calendar format allows you to plan themed content well in advance. The content plan should map out the year clearly, so you can visualise when blog content is going out and how it aligns with your business calendar.

Rather than scrambling to think of a topic every week or month (then missing the deadline and looking inconsistent) a content plan allows you to brainstorm and schedule content ahead of time.

Without a copywriter: Brisbane business owners (like yourself) would have to dedicate a significant amount of time to plan out a year’s worth of content. If you don’t have Excel skills, you’ll have to painstakingly create a calendar-based spreadsheet or purchase a content planning software that fits your business’s needs.

With a Brisbane copywriter: your content plan is purpose-built to account for the seasonal requirements of your customers, with all content scheduled to be published appropriately. A professional copywriter will have a tried-and-tested program to use as a content planner that fits the needs of your business.

For example, imagine you own a plumbing business in Brisbane and you experience an influx of blocked drain jobs in winter. If you’ve got a savvy copywriter onside, they’ll plan for blog topics about blocked drain advice to be published just before or during the winter months.

passion of a Brisbane copywriter

2.   Organise Blog Content into Themes

Your content plan should include a section for themed blogs for each week or month. A blog copywriter will organise your blog content into themes, then hone in on the customer personas who are being targeted.

Without a copywriter: business owners would have to conduct customer persona research themselves in their own time, as well as brainstorming relevant themes based on little to no marketing knowledge. Time is money, and making a poor content planning decision on a whim doesn’t just eat into your downtime – it puts your business’s online presence at risk.

With a Brisbane copywriter: you’ll have themed content to strengthen your SEO efforts. Because articles are strategically pivoted to a certain target audience, the pain points they experience, and the questions they ask on search engines, you’re more likely to connect with your audience.

For example, if your plumbing business covers residential, commercial, and government buildings – you can’t target all those customers at once. An experienced copywriter will separate each customer persona as a theme, then create blog topics that target each one effectively.

Don’t Think You Need a Copywriter for Content Planning? Think Again.

Content planning is a critical and time-consuming component of blog copywriting that takes research and industry expertise. Hiring a copywriter to map out your business’s blogging efforts is an effective investment into your online success.

Web-Sta’s professional team provides clients with results-driven content plans that set sites up for long-term content marketing success. Check out our blogging service to find out more about what we offer.

Content marketing get more leads

Phase Two | Write and Publish the Blog Content

You might have the most comprehensive content plan in the world, with all the bells and whistles forecasting success for your business. However, if you don’t have the time or the skill to write and publish the content, you need to hire a professional blog copywriter to take care of it.

We’ll break down exactly what’s involved so you can understand what we’re talking about – and make the right decision for your business!

3.   Write Good Blog Content

Skilful blog copywriting is more than just correct grammar and interesting topics, it involves writing with an awareness of what people on desktops and smartphones respond to. For professional blog copywriters, knowing what website visitors are looking for is an instinct that naturally comes through with their writing. For business owners trying to save money, blog writing throws a major spanner in the works.

Without a copywriter: writing a high-quality blog post can take hours, then days of revisions until you feel comfortable with posting an article on your business’s website. And that’s during a quiet week – how are you going to meet your monthly article deadline when things get hectic in the office? Considering the ideal length for blogs is 1500-2100 words, anyone who’s not a professional website copywriter would have to lock themself away for a week to write something decent – let alone run a business at the same time!

With a Brisbane copywriter: the best practices of blogging for your business have been refined down to basic instinct. The result is always going to be more bang for your buck because a professional copywriter in Brisbane might dedicate 3 hours of expertise creating a blog that takes you at least 6 hours to attempt.

4.   Implement SEO Strategies

You might have heard of SEO for web design. If you want your business’s blog to get results, SEO copywriting is an essential part of the process. Implementing a solid SEO strategy requires consistent research and planning, as well as skilful blog copywriting to seamlessly weave keywords into engaging sentences (without sounding like a robot).

The following tasks are essential for SEO copywriting:

  • Purchase a keyword research tool (then learn how to use it)
  • Conduct thorough research into the keywords and search queries that you can target
  • Choose relevant and appropriate keywords for each blog topic
  • Include images that are optimised with keyword-rich descriptions
  • Include links to other reputable sources to back-up your information
  • Prepare social media snippets to share your blog across your social channels for omni-channel marketing

Without a copywriter: you’ll have to buy an account with a keyword research tool to gain valuable insights into what keywords and search queries your blogs should target. Accurate keyword research tools don’t come cheap, and learning how to use them and track the data correctly can take hours.

With a Brisbane copywriter: SEO copywriting is all part of the service. A professional copywriter will have an arsenal of SEO strategies that suit your business, backed by a portfolio of successful blog writing for their other clients.

Content writing and Google ranking

5.   Design & Publish

It’s one thing to write the text for a blog post, but blog copywriting also involves design and publishing skills. This ensures that your blog has an attractive layout that fits within your brand guidelines and looks engaging enough for people to spend time reading it!

Without a copywriter: Brisbane business owners have to find a suitable content management system (CMS) that’s simple enough for them to use but sophisticated enough to securely store their business’s blogs. Then it’s about learning to insert text, images, and social media links into a blog post before scheduling sends to ensure consistency.

With a Brisbane copywriter: your business’s blog is designed and published to a consistently high standard by a professional who knows what layouts, images, and links are best suited to your industry. Marketing agencies with blog copywriting services are able to manage your CMS to schedule sends, automatically publishing blog posts and sharing them across your social channels.

At Web-Sta, we use WordPress to build our client’s websites and publish their blogs. We’re fluent in this CMS, so our Brisbane copywriters provide a quality service to business owners needing powerful content marketing. Check out our copywriting services.

5 Things a Brisbane Copywriter help with

Conclusion: Hiring a Professional Blog Copywriter Should be a No-Brainer for Time-Saving Business Owners

If you’re looking to start your business’s content marketing with a blog, you should seriously consider hiring a copywriter.

Brisbane business owners don’t have the time to learn how to run a blog (let along write the content), and getting it wrong isn’t worth the risk to your business’s reputation.

With a blog copywriter on your team, you have the peace of mind that your business’s content planning and blog writing is taken care of by a professional. Not only are you saving precious time, but the money spent on a copywriter will be far less than the money you’d be wasting by spending hours on a task you’re not qualified to handle.

To kickstart your content marketing with valuable blog posts to back-up your business, talk to Web-Sta about our blog copywriting services.

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