Get Super Productive by Eating Frogs

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Say “What!?”

What Have Frogs Got To Do With Productivity?

Firstly, I’m OBSESSED with productivity hacks and organisation! It comes in handy when managing an international team, not to mention a pretty full schedule of my own.

Also, having owned a digital marketing agency for over 16 years, I’ve noticed that this comes up A LOT when business owners first get started on their website journey. It also arises for established business owners when things like “MARKETING” need attention.

So recently, I shared the concept of eating a FROG with a client, and he loved it. It got him out of procrastination and into action.

Productivity Blockers

In most cases, I’ve found poor productivity is simply caused by things feeling too overwhelming. This blocks our creativity, problem-solving abilities and discipline to stay on task.

Other productivity blockers are:

  • No Plan To Mitigate Distractions
  • Working On Something That’s Not In Your Natural Skillset or Interest
  • Not Knowing Where To Start

Let’s Eat Frogs

I just loved this video by Dawn at the Minimal Mom on YouTube where I first saw the analogy about eating frogs. The term “FROG” represents those BIG tasks you keep putting off. It’s not specifically “Business Related” however, it does use relevant non-business, real-life examples of what we could be working on to become more productive.

How to create a "SUPER PLANNER" for instant productivity!

Getting It Over and Done With, Like Eating a Frog

Essentially, if you had the task of eating a frog today, you’d be pretty keen to get that over and done with asap vs worrying about it all day, week, month or even a year (for those who get the Friend’s reference lol).

Dawn’s suggestion is putting these Froggish-tasks at the start of your weekly or daily to do list and prioritise them before jumping into those little tasks that you were going to get done anyway.

What if getting something done is more than just a case of eating a frog?

Let’s take this a little further. What if the mere concept of getting started is scary because you know it’s going to take ages or you simple don’t feel like you have the time or energy to commit to it?

Digital marketing agency - Getting Started

Getting Started Might Be Easier Than You Think

“Life” serves as an excellent excuse for not getting started! It’s the ultimate distraction and prevents us from making progress on the projects that are ACTUALLY IMPORTANT to us (and vital for our businesses).

Here’s 2 examples that I’ve seen busy business owners struggle with A LOT over the years.

1 | Trying to prepare social media posts – This is just not as appealing as watching a funny movie when you don’t like social media


2 | Writing 1000 words of content for your website – Rarely will this feel as urgent as getting another load of laundry done.

Because I kept hearing “I just don’t have time to get a website organised” and “I don’t have time to write blogs”… I got to thinking, as a digital marketing agency, How could we help business owners by taking care of the “Getting Started” bit?

The Truth Bomb That Changed EVERYTHING 💣

What if I told you that getting STARTED doesn’t mean that YOU have to be the one that does ALL the work?!

When I came to realise this, my brain nearly exploded!

Imagine how much simpler life gets if getting started simply meant picking up the phone! That makes the frog seem more like a tadpole, and tadpoles are a lot easier to swallow!

This is why we offer social media content creation, and website copywriting. We now even source professional stock images instead of our clients having to go out and take their own (unless they want to). This takes the pain and worry out of “Getting Started” for our clients, because we’re taking care of it for them.

Like hiring someone to fix your car, clean your house, cut down a tree in your yard, chatting to an experienced service provider can take care of it for you.

You’re effectively outsourcing someone to eat your frog!

And Taking This Concept Further…

As a business owner, ask yourself: How can I “Eat Frogs” for my customers, making their lives easier?

Whether you’re a snake catcher, a builder, a plumber or a yoga instructor, there are consumers out there prepared to pay good money for you to take care of their problem. Now identify their “Frogs” and communicate this in your marketing.

The Wrap Up

Despite this being a bit of a corny concept, hopefully all the frog references helps you become more productive in both your life and in business.

Want to shrink your froggish marketing tasks down to tadpole size? Contact myself and my team by filling in the online form.

So hop to it  😉

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