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Google Tips
Social Media Tips
Website Tips
Customer Service Tips
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WHAT You’ll Receive

This checklist serves as a guide on what FREE and low-cost tools are available to you now to maximise your reach TODAY.

Karen Ahl

What’s Inside?

Google Tips

A presence on Google is possibly the most significant thing you can do to promote your business online, AND, many of our Google Tips apply even if you don’t have a website yet.

You’ll learn what these are and how to leverage them.

Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

In recent months, people have flooded to social media for enlightenment, entertainment, and escape.

It’s also proven as an ideal platform for local businesses to stay connected with their customers

Think brand recognition and relationship building.

Website Tips

Whether you self-manage your website or have it managed for you, there are 2 key strategies that can help any business, in any industry, to improve your website’s position with Google PLUS contribute to your credibility in the short and long terms.

Party Time Amusements

Customer Service Tips

We’ve covered all bases here!

Focusing on customer communication, possibly our Number #1 Tip that can (and should) be implemented any time of year.

These 3 x easy and immediately actionable customer service tips will ensure your customers will be with you long into the future.

Customer Experience in Web Design

Discount Ideas

As a creative alternative to traditional discounts, we’ve collated 2 different ideas to not only help you secure sales NOW, but also increase your average sale.

There are plenty of people willing and waiting to do business with you… you’ve just got to get out in front of them presenting every reason why they need to buy from you NOW!

Marketing Tips