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Customers can’t love your products/services if they don’t know you exist! If you want to know how to promote your website for free, to increase customer awareness, read on.

Find out:

  • How to promote your website for free – using other websites 
  • How to keep your web address in potential customers’ minds 
  • How to enlist support from other businesses 

How to Promote Your Website for Free – Using Other Websites!

Website advertising doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact one of the best ways to promote your website is extremely simple; the hard work has been done for you. All you need to do is input your details into other websites! A good place to start is with the following: 

  • Google My Business – At Web-Sta when we build your website, we’ll set you up with a Google My Business account. Why do we do this? Because it means your business can be found easily via an indirect search; both through Google and Google maps. When you appreciate that about 84% of Google searches are indirect/discovery searches (where people simply search for a product or service rather than a specific business) you’ll understand how it’s vital to be ‘findable’ via an indirect search
  • Update your social media profiles to include your website link in the bio – this is a simple way to give your website more exposure 
  • Share your website link in social media posts it’s an easy way to remind followers of your website + it means that when they show their love for a post, your website address gets spread far and wide! Adding your company logo here is a great way to promote extra brand recognition.
  • Add your business details to free online directories like Truelocal including your website link. The more good quality links pointing back to your website can contribute to a more favourable Google Ranking. It’s best if these directories ranking well in Google themselves so that you can take advantage of their “Link Juice.”
Source // Bright Local

Keep Your Web Address in Potential Customers’ Minds

While you may well have a product that customers will love, sadly that’s not enough! Repetition is key when it comes to any successful marketing strategy. When distributing information related to your business, why wouldn’t you leverage every free website advertising opportunity? Remind potential customers of your website by: 

  • Including a website link in your email signature, along with your logo and contact details
  • Emailing your database to let them know about your website and include the hyperlink
  • Including your website address when signing off text message with customers – if your website is mobile friendly, the customer can go straight to your site on their phone
  • Printing your website address on all advertising like business cards, signage, work vehicles, newspaper ads plus invoices/receipts. You were likely going to print these anyway so include your website address…every little bit contributes to effective website advertising.

How to Enlist Support from Other Businesses

Free website advertising is all about maximising the opportunities available to you to promote your website. If you know other businesses or organisations that love what you do take advantage of it by: 

  • Requesting that your suppliers list you on their website – including a link back to your website
  • Requesting affiliated businesses include your website on their website – example — you run a bakery. Any of the local delis and cafes who buy your bread, can offer you a free plug on their website including that all-to-important link back to your website. For extra kudos, you can link back to their website advertising them as one of your valuable customers providing you with credibility.

In Summary

Getting your website out there is just one of many vital advertising techniques and strategies that contribute to your overall business success. Putting your website in front of more people, by including your website address wherever possible, allows you to further harness the money-making potential of your website. Treat your website as an ever evolving, digital billboard and your most sacred marketing tool. With the right approach, your website has the potential to attract and appeal to 1000’s of prospects each and every day, week and month. These free website promotion strategies are a great way to further leverage and enhance your website’s reach and impact.


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