Website Success – More Than Just Internet Marketing

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The Challenge of Internet Marketing

‘We just need more clicks, more traffic, more enquiries!
That’s what internet marketing success means!’

Of course we all want these things. More clicks, traffic and enquiries naturally lead to more sales right?! Website success and the role internet marketing services absolutely focus on these things, however…

… this is not the full picture!

As many internet marketing service providers warn, this is only half of the challenge. It takes more than just a volume-only focused internet marketing strategy to ensure your website is a success.

Your website must also effectively play its role by being visually appealing, functional, easy to use and of interest to those visiting and those you ACTUALLY want to be doing business with.

If your website is not attracting enquiries from people you love working with, then your site has missed the point!

‘Curious Clicker’ to ‘Committed Customer’

“Aligning both your external marketing and your website, meaning being consistent with your brand colours, imagery, and messaging helps establish an easily identifiable, trustworthy, professional brand that feels familiar to your audience. Your entire internet marketing and website need to work together as an entire “campaign” to promote your business effectively.”

~ Karen Ahl
Web-Sta Founder

It Takes 2 – Internet Marketing + A Quality Website

The road to website success and the formula for maintaining that success requires both your internet marketing services and your website to be on point. If growth is what you’re looking for, then it’s going to take exposure to attract your audience to your website, then the compelling information, design and content to keep them there long enough to turn from just ‘traffic’ to genuine enquiries.

Internet marketing encompasses all of the ways of getting people to your website, and a quality built website is a key factor in turning those curious clickers into verified customers. 

#1 – Internet Marketing

How do the majority of online customers find the new products and services they’re looking for these days? Google.

And Google takes its work of delivering optimal search results very seriously.

In fact, Google takes over 200 factors into account before delivering you the best results to any query in a fraction of a second.

This means your website has to score favourably across as many of these search factors as possible to even be seen by your potential customers. And of those 200 factors? Well, they’re constantly changing in order of importance.

Google is a responsive platform, and to stay the #1 search engine, it needs to be constantly updating its processes. Which means that anyone offering internet marketing services and quality web design needs to be constantly upgrading their information and processes for their own websites and for their customers.

Here’s an example: listing on paid and free online directory websites was once one of the top of ranking activities due be to so highly favoured by Google. However, given the overwhelming flood of online directory listings by industry spammers and black hat SEO, this once favourable internet marketing activity is now only rewarded when you list your business on worthwhile online directories like Trusty Tradies, Truelocal or Word Of Mouth Online.

Google changes, like this, happen regularly. If you’re like most business owners, you don’t have the time or inclination to be keeping up with the latest in internet marketing and search trends, let alone implementing them. For most business owners, hiring specialists in this field is the fastest and most cost-effective strategy.

“75% of consumers will judge a company’s credibility based solely on their website design”.


#2 – A Quality Website

So your internet marketing services provider is doing a great job with everything we’ve covered above. Your site is climbing the Google ranks and new potential customers are clicking through at higher rates than ever before.

Now what?

What do your new potential customers find when they click and land on your site? Is it aesthetically appealing, smoothly functional, and easy to navigate? Or a clunky mess that takes ages to load and doesn’t make any sense? Obviously we know what’s ideal!

Think of some of your favourite websites. Those websites that turned you from a curious clicker to a committed consumer on the first viewing. There are so many things underpinning this effect. Some of these include:

Visual Appeal

Your site has to look good. The art of creating that WOW factor that offers the optimal mix of space and information, colour and design, informative content and calls to actions that are the right fit for the type of audience you want to sell to.

The visual layout of a website is a delicate blend between the ideas and choices of the business and the psychology of the customer. The psychology of colour alone is a specialisation in and of itself.

Internet Marketing Services BrisbaneImage Credit: The Logo Company

A little more on colour

For more about what colours mean what, we suggest visiting Avasam’s blog on Colour psychology: how colour meanings affect your brand. They drill down specifically to the positive and negative connotations of the main colours. Here’s an example:

Blue can be associated with:

– Loyalty, trust and integrity
– Tact, reliability and responsibility, and
– Authority

Functional appeal

Looking good is one thing, you need your website to technically function correctly. Sounds obvious we know, but it’s amazing how many overlook this. Your website accessibility and fast (often influenced by website hosting quality), links, dropdowns, online forms and payment platforms, all need to be correctly functioning and secure. Avoid the gimmicky add-ons that most people find annoying. For example, music that loads automatically and is really hard to turn off! And don’t get us started on pop-ups.

Content appeal

Does your website speak to your audience? Does your content convey the ‘voice’ of your business well? Is it consistent throughout your site? People finding a well-polished landing page and then discovering a hastily written, barely coherent blog post on the same website are going to get confused. You want clarity and cohesion for successful internet marketing. It also needs to tie in with the colours, imagery and other elements of your website, and external internet marketing, to effectively present a unified and appealing overall first and lasting impression.

Sales appeal

For most websites, the overall objective when it comes to internet marketing is to generate more customers and consumers, who in turn create more revenue. You’re likely investing a sizable amount in both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and website design and maintenance, so it’s important to see that investment bear fruit. Sales appeal is born out of experience, constant ‘testing and measuring’, and staying up-to-date with buyer trends and consumer behaviour. For optimal internet marketing success, weaving ‘calls-to-action’ and creating a smooth flow from ‘curious clicker’ to ‘committed customer’ incorporates all of the elements listed above, plus a little bit more.

The Takeaway – Next Steps Towards Website Success

Now that we’ve covered the essentials on what it takes to climb your way to internet marketing success, here’s what’s next.

Find the team to 1# create the Internet Marketing service to attract your ideal audience, and #2, the web designers to create a beautiful website, ensuring that both elements are aligned.

Sure you can DIY some of this, however remember, even Google doesn’t ‘guarantee’ ranking results. It takes years to hone the right techniques and intuition to get the balance right. Collaborating with those “in the know” is just clever business. We suggest going for a local who can back their sound web design and marketing experience with evidence.

Like some help?

We have worked with thousands of businesses to upgrade and expand their web presence and internet marketing success. We’d be delighted to be the team that collaborates with you to implement a formula for your road to success too. Request a callback and we can chat.

Internet Marketing + A Quality Website = A Road to Success