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When Starting Your New Business

When starting a business, there’s a LOT to do. 

Registering a business name, ABN, bank accounts, organising a logo, business cards and uniforms. There’s also finding an Accountant, negotiating with suppliers and sourcing staff/contractors and there are great resources, like the Australian Government’s Guide to starting a business guide to help get you started, however, in my opinion, they all leave the same, VERY important thing until last, MARKETING!

Why Leaving Your Marketing Till Last Is The Ultimate Wasted Opportunity

While a lot of new business owners come to us in the early stages enquiring about a logo and a website, most stop there. It’s not until their website does go live (a month or two later), that they start actually promoting their business letting people know they have something to offer. As their web design agency, we’re working away in the background getting their website content, images and website sorted, but in the eyes of the general public, it’s like their business doesn’t even exist yet.

They’ve spent their time organising everything else only to hear CRICKETS when they do eventually “Go Live.” Their phone is not ringing off the hook, their email inbox is not full of enquiries and they’re disappointed that the amazing cool thing they’re selling isn’t being immediately scooped up. 

They’ve essentially wasted these 4 to 8 weeks by not marketing the LAUNCH of their business and therefore have no audience to “sell to”.

THE GOOD NEWS IS… You don’t need to be ready to start building your audience by sharing your business launch story.

What’s Your Business Launch Story?

While you are still sorting out the details of your business (and your website is being built), this is the perfect time to share why you’re starting in business, who’s involved and who you are wanting to serve/help. This is often referred to as your Business Origin Story which most businesses come up with after they are well and truly established – so why not start now and take your prospective customers along for the journey?

First, you need an audience…

Steps You Can Take To Start Building Your Audience From Day 1

  1. Establish Your Social Media Presence | Select whatever social media channels suit you and your industry then START POSTING (and often), sharing in community groups and inviting your friends to “Like/Follow” your business page. This also means you can secure the social media handles (links) that match your business name.
  2. Create A Google Business Profile | Also known as a Google My Business profile, this is a free map listing that Google offers to all businesses allowing you to get on the digital map sooner rather than later. You can also select an opening date. We actually take care of this full set-up (including the verification) on behalf of our clients for a small fee.
  3. Invest In A Coming Soon Page That’s Branded To Your Business | We include a temporary Under Construction / Coming Soon page as part of all of our new website build projects. This not only gets your website address sorted, it also gives Google something to index (include in search results). By the time your website is due to go live, it’s likely we would have gotten you ranking up the top for your business name.
  4. Revisit Your Socials | As you reach each milestone including; getting your logo approved, business cards, buying work vehicles etc., share it on your socials. Take your growing audience on the journey. People do business with those they know, like and trust and you can encourage this by helping them get to know you and what it is you are creating.
  5. Build A Mailing List | Using a free / low cost email marketing platform like Mailchimp, or a more advanced platform like Active Campaign or Tekmatix, you can encourage people to subscribe to a mailing list to keep them up to date as to when you officially open the doors. This is also a great strategy to encourage early bird sales.
  6. Attending Networking Events | Whether in person or virtually, this is a great way to connect to your fellow business owners and garner the support and guidance of those around you. This is also a fantastic way to learn what other businesses are doing right so that you can fast track your success, take note of what they are doing wrong (‘cos learning from other’s mistakes is way more efficient) and spread the news of your business connections and therefore your audience so that when you finally open the doors, you have engaged and interested people who are ready to buy from you. If you are in the Caboolture area, we just so happen to host a quarterly conscious business event called PEAK Networking. Visit for more information about upcoming events.
  7. Invest In Other Local Advertising | Depending on your budget and locale, it may be appropriate to invest in a billboard, local newspaper advertising or even a letterbox drop. A lot of local communities still value doing business with other locals so getting in front of as many faces as possible is always going to work in your favour. This concept can also be done virtually through Facebook, Instagram and Google paid ads. The trick is ensuring you have some kind of early bird / “pre-book” offer or call to action so that you are capturing as many leads as possible.

Are You Ready To Make The Most Of Your Business Launch?

The whole point of this article is to highlight the value of not waiting until your business is “open” before you start promoting yourself.

Leveraging your business launch story as part of your marketing allows you to build an audience now so that when you are ready to start selling you already have people who are more likely to want to buy from you.

If you would like assistance on how to launch your business, let us know… we offer coaching on this very topic.

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