Do I Own My Website?

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If you’re asking yourself the question, “do I own my website?”, you are not alone. It is a common and important question. At Web-Sta we ensure you have access to all of your website’s passwords, and that you can edit content if, and when, you choose.

5 Ways To Take Ownership of Your Website

Here’s the overview…

  1. Confirm Your Legal Ownership Rights
  2. Check Your Website Platform
  3. Invest in Frequent Edits & Updates
  4. Regularly Test Your Website Functionality
  5. Keep Your Admin Details Safe

It is not uncommon for business owners to feel confused or completely out of their depth when it comes to web design and understanding all the technical jargon that goes with it. However, at Web-Sta, we believe not taking ownership of your website can be detrimental to you as a business owner for many reasons, including:

  • Complete dependency on your web designer to make minor tweaks + changes
  • Web developer charges for changes at an hourly rate, taking days or even weeks to complete, costing you time + money
  • Information can become outdated very quickly
  • Long-term safety and security of your website can be in jeopardy

This is why when it comes to the question, “do I own my website?” our answer is “you sure do!”

In this article we cover five ways in which you can take ownership of your website to ensure it does what you need it to do. That is, effectively represent your business online, convert prospects into loyal customers, and help you scale + grow your business.

1.   Confirm Your Legal Ownership Rights

Right at the start, when you hire your web designer, you want to be clear that when you ask, “do I own my website?”, you mean legally. Determining legal ownership includes ensuring you own copyright over aspects like the content, imagery and brand style guide your web designer has created for you. You want to be sure you will have access to all of this once your website build is complete.

At Web-Sta we ensure you have access to all the information and log in details you need to manage and control your website including your Website’s Dashboard. 

2.   Do I Own My Website? It all comes back to the platform

Taking ownership of your website involves engaging with the very platform used to build your website.

Web-Sta uses Wordpress to build all of our Client’s websites. Wordpress is known worldwide as one of the most reliable platforms available, offering:

  • Flexibility in design
  • Multiple functions from blogging to shopping carts, membership portals, booking systems, and more
  • Foundation for powerful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies
  • Integratable with social media channels and email databases
  • User-friendly dashboard

In addition to the many tutorials available online, we have created a ClientHub that empowers our Clients to make minor tweaks and changes to their website should they want to.

3.   Invest in Frequent Edits & Updates

When it comes to the question “Do I own my website?”, you want to be sure that it looks to customers like the website is owned and cared for. 

Just like the nature of your business, your online information is likely to change. Not only is it important to have accurate online information so potential customers know how to reach you, it is also your legal obligation to do so. 

Particularly if you are selling products or services online, you will need to ensure things like your privacy policy, procedures, contact information and refund policy is completely up to date and mitigates risk. If your content, images or promotions are out of date, this doesn’t exactly give the impression to potential customers that you have any ownership of your website, or take pride in what you are offering.

There is nothing worse for a potential Client than finding an exciting promotion on your website, only to discover it’s no longer available!

Your website is a representation of your business and when done correctly can serve as a powerful tool to convert leads into repeat customers.

4.   Make a Habit of Testing Online Forms, Shopping Carts + Button Links

Due to continuous software updates, your buttons, forms and links need to be tested regularly to ensure they are functioning as they should. It is not uncommon for software updates to mean your online forms or buttons also need to be updated. When you install updates, you also need to check to make sure your website still functions correctly across multiple platforms, notably mobile.

Do I own my website?

5.   Keep Your Administration Login Details Safe & Perform Regular Security Updates

Probably the most important question to ask yourself after “Do I own my website?” is “How safe and secure is my website?”

With the total cost of cybercrime projected to reach $6 trillion by 2021, it pays to be careful.

Websites are subject to spam and viruses if not carefully managed and maintained. To help combat this, you will want to do two things:

  • Ensure your administration login details are safely stored and only accessible by you
  • Perform regular safety and security updates to combat spam and computer viruses

There you have it, five ways you can take ownership of your website to better serve your business. After implementing these five things, you’ll never have to wonder “Do I own my website?” again!


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