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Reckon you know your customer? We’ve got a challenge for you…

Think of 2 to 3 examples of the main customers who buy your products and services.

Now, list their demographics traits:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status & children
  • Occupation & salary
  • Location
customer personas

Was that too easy? Okay, let’s go a bit deeper and list their psychographic traits:

  • Pain points (what problems do they face that lead them to buy your product or service?)
  • Objections (what stops them from using your business?)
  • Priorities
  • Preferences
  • Pet-peeves

It takes extensive research and the support of an experienced web designer, but the power of creating persona for web design can’t be underestimated. Over 70% of businesses that exceeded their profit goals use customer personas for their marketing.

If you’ve never heard of customer persona before, you’ll be glad you stumbled across this blog. Too many businesses (and web designers without marketing expertise) cut corners and don’t bother with creating customer personas for the web design process – and this sets up their website for potential failure.

We’ll show you why customer personas are so important for the web design process, how they link directly to the success of your business, and what a web design agency can do to help.

Without Customer Personas there are 6 Ways the Strategy & Execution of your Website can fail

A.  Strategy

To build a competitive and results-driven website for your business, the web design and development process must be led by a strategy. Your web design strategy tells you what your website needs to do and say to help you achieve your business goals.

Sure, the overarching goals for your website might be fairly simple: increase brand awareness, convert more leads, sell more products. But without creating personas for the web design, you’ve got no way of knowing:

  • What your business needs to do or say to achieve these goals
  • Why certain web design decisions should be made

Creating personas for web design strategy is crucial, but there are many inexperienced web designers who do the bare minimum. Low cost web design services won’t consult businesses about their target audience, and tend to create basic sites with no strategy to achieve long-term business goals. 

To avoid the following website failures, find a web design agency with marketing expertise – and make sure you ask if they include customer persona-driven guidance in their services.

Fail #1: Poor SEO & awareness of customers’ online behaviour

Experienced + marketing qualified web designers will research how your customers behave online. This includes what terms they search for to find your business, the kind of content they like to read, and the messages that they’re most responsive to on the internet.

Customer personas leverage SEO because knowing how your target audience uses search engines (what terms they use and what their intentions are) tells you what terms to include in your website content, and knowing what they like to read, on what platform, signals the kind of blogs you should post – and what social media platform to share them with.

customer personas

Without well-researched customer personas your site will lack the key search phrases used by your audience, so your website loses the chance to rank on search engines. Without knowing what kind of content your audience prefers, and from which social media platform, you could be chucking irrelevant content on your site – and sharing it on platforms where your audience won’t engage with it.

Fail #2: Unresponsive to customer preferences

Asking for feedback and conducting surveys of your customers also takes a fair bit of work, but your web designer should be able to support you with this process. Without researching your customer personas, you have no insights into your customer’s likes and dislikes to refine your web design strategy.

Customer personas support your web design strategy because knowing your customers’ preferences helps you make informed web design decisions, such as colour schemes, images and navigation. Backing up every decision with knowledge of your customer persona enables you to make critical design decisions that drive results for your website by winning over your target audience.

For example: you’re deciding what images to use on your construction website. You know that your main customer persona is middle-aged women with children, who care about health and safety, so you should use photos of your team in full safety gear and write about your commitment to workplace health and safety.

Fail #3: Your site doesn’t handle customer objections

One of the most important things to gain from creating customer personas for web design is an insight into your target audience’s main objections to buying your service – and what you can do to handle that objection and convince someone your product or service is the right one for them.

This supports your web design strategy because knowing the main reasons why your customers don’t choose your service tells you what your website content should focus on to turn those objections around. When website visitors see that their main objections have been handled by your website, they’re far more likely to get in touch and become paying customers.

For example: if you sell heat pumps and your target audience is young homeowners who are concerned about eco-friendly living, writing about the economical benefits of your product is going to win your customer personas over.

When businesses don’t bother creating personas for web design, their website lacks the strategy that links important design decisions to overarching business goals.

At Web-Sta, we’re dedicated to helping businesses form a strategy around their website. We’ll help you work out your customer personas and use that knowledge to make important design decisions that drive results for your business. Give us a call to talk about strategic web design for your business.


First impressions are critical when it comes to web design; over one-third of visitors won’t return to a website if they don’t like how it looks. When websites aren’t built from the ground up to impress customer personas – they’re likely going to seek competitors instead.

If you’re not creating personas for web design, on what basis are you making important design decisions that affect your online success?

When the vast majority of customers are annoyed when content isn’t personalised to them, and over 80% of people are willing to share their details to gain a more personalised experience, there’s simply no excuse for not taking time to use customer personas in your website’s design.

Without making informed design decisions based on detailed customer personas, businesses make the mistake of deferring to personal opinion or whatever’s trending. 

Here’s how knowledge of customer personas is directly related to the design of your website:

Fail #4: Poor web page structure

The way your website is structured has a massive impact on your audience. Knowledge of your customer persona, their behaviour, and their personal preferences, should inform the way you organise your website’s layout.

When it’s done right: If you’re a software development company with a detail-oriented audience, perhaps made up of university graduates and academics, structuring your website more formally with longer chunks of content will instil trust in an audience that enjoys reading for learning.

Without customer personas: If you instead structure your website more simply, with short web content and a greater focus on images and graphics, you’ll lose credibility with an audience that prefers reading academic material.

customer personas

Fail #5: Badly positioned CTA buttons

Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons should strategically guide your visitor to the pages that will be most interesting to them, before directing them straight to the Contact Us page so they can become a customer.

When it’s done right: If your wellness business has a main customer persona of young ‘spiritual’ women, pointing them straight to the About page to learn about your business’s story and progressive values would be very meaningful for this audience.

Without customer personas: If you point this audience straight to your Services page to try and sell your services quickly, a values-driven person who cares about the story behind your business might not feel immediately inspired to get in touch – you’ve missed a key opportunity to win them over!

customer personas

Fail #6: Weak website content

The words on your website play a huge role in enticing visitors to get in touch and buy your products or services. Your website content should both represent the unique voice and personality of your brand whilst saying the things your customers want to hear, and that all comes down to understanding who your customers are and what language they’re most responsive to.

When it’s done right: if your electrical company is proudly local and Australian-owned, and your customer personas are residential homeowners with families in your local area, using familiar ‘Aussie’ phrases, and explaining concepts in layman’s terms will immediately spark familiarity and trust with your audience.

Without customer personas: choosing instead to have formal website content that uses a complex industry jargon and information about the latest electrical regulations might be useful for other electricians, but it’s not going to inspire your audience. Many tradesmen make this mistake when building their website because they don’t properly engage with, or understand, their customer personas.

customer personas

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Conclusion: You Should Be Creating Personas for Web Design

Designing a website for your business is a crucial step forward for any business owner – and creating customer personas simply must be part of your web design process.

When you’re making such a significant investment into your business and paying a substantial amount of money for its design, you don’t want to leave the success of your website to chance.

And with a web design agency by your side, you can get started today. Book a FREE Discovery session with us today to see what we can do for your business.

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