Lunch Break Website Marketing Part 2

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The digital space is crowded and it can be hard to get your website noticed. However, there are plenty of cheap website marketing ideas you can implement to promote your website and increase your customer base. Read on to find out how. 

1. Have you Thought about Email Marketing?

If you’re looking for cheap website marketing ideas, we strongly suggest you embrace email marketing. This form of marketing has been proven time and time again to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. So how do you do this?

We’ve outlined the basic steps below:

  • Firstly you’ll need to build a mailing list – this list should contain the email addresses of all your current, and potential customers. Don’t forget it will need to be kept updated
  • Secondly, you’ll need to think about what sort of content to include in your email. Information about special offers, sales or discounted products is obviously a good idea. You could also let your customers know about an upcoming event or simply update them on the latest offerings from your business
  • Once you’ve decided on your email content and written it up, you’ll want to make it visually appealing. Add colour and images – making sure they are high quality ones
  • Finally, the last step: press send!

2. For Cheap Website Marketing, Consider Media Opportunities

Newspapers in regional and remote Australia are constantly looking for positive local stories to publish. If your business has opened a second shop in a neighbouring town or, is offering a new and interesting product which is a first for the region, don’t be shy about getting in touch with a reporter. Regional newspapers want to promote local businesses; they have a vested interest in doing so. Have a think about what your business might be doing that is innovative or unusual and then contact your paper. Your business story will appear on the paper’s website, where it’s easy for readers to then search for your website. This is a win-win situation, a cheap website marketing idea, that’s actually free!

3. Build Influence to Market your Website

If you want people from well beyond your local community to notice your website, you may want to consider enlisting the support of influencers. While you might not be looking to the likes of Miranda Kerr or Kim Kardashian, you could get in touch with micro-influencers – they have a smaller number of followers but are perfect for small to medium businesses as they offer commensurately more affordable rates.

Tracking down the right micro-influencer for your business can take time and energy scrawling through relevant social media groups, but there are also numerous tools available to help you connect with influencers.

Paying influencers is a cheap website marketing option if you don’t want to create your own content or spend valuable time spruiking your services through social media.  

4. List your Business

Forget about cheap, this website marketing option is completely free and only takes a few minutes to set up.

When you list your business with Google My Business, you’ll be able to upload basic business details including a link to your website and your business location. This listing will mean when people search for a product, for example ‘bakeries in Smithtown’, your business will come up and Google will even provide directions through Google Maps right to your shopfront. In Google My Business you can also set up a review function and request well-established customers to write about why they love doing business with you.

Cheap website marketing ideas + website marketing

Note, don’t neglect opportunities to list with other search engines like Bing, which offers a similar free service to Google. And while we think of it, don’t forget the plethora of online business directories, including local council ones. Quality is important here, but they are generally also free. 

5. And finally, for Cheap Website Marketing, Keep your Blog Ticking

Quality content on your blog works to direct traffic to your website because blog posts help to promote your website ranking on search engines. It may seem at the start like you are producing content and no one is reading it, but if you keep at it and keep working to improve the quality of your content it can pay big dividends. Your blog can help you build up an audience of potential customers and it does not have to be expensive to run so long as you are prepared to devote the time to producing content yourself. If you are willing to write your own content, blog posts are indeed a cheap website marketing tool. There are plenty of tutorials online showing how to write an effective blog.

We’ve listed some of our favourite cheap website marketing tools for you but there are plenty more ideas out there. Read Part 1 here. All it needs from you is a bit of time investment to reap the rewards.

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