Can A Business Coach Help Me?

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How Clarity Leads To Growth

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that “Clarity Conquers All”.

Clarity helps minimise any “issue” or “discomfort” life throws at us, including the many challenges we face in business. It helps us see through the distractions and offers the ability to focus more clearly on solutions vs problems.

According to, Clarity is the “…clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.”

In business, being super clear on what you’re doing and why will radically accelerate your growth, not to mention make the process of being in business much easier and more enjoyable.

Here are just 3 things that every business owner needs to become clear on:

  • What You Offer | I’ve seen it time and time again (and done it just as often), where I’ve stepped outside my ‘lane’ and offered services that were not in our ordinary scope. This often results in blown-out schedules, subpar results and a feeling that you’ve ripped yourself off somehow. I’ve also found that you can attract overly demanding customers that are difficult to please given this is an area you normally wouldn’t cover. Saying “yes” to everything isn’t always in your best interest.
  • How Much You Charge / Profit Margins | A lot of new businesses or those feeling the financial pinch, feel the need to discount. Just don’t! If you have a prospective customer that is pressuring you to reduce your price and they are not someone you know you’d love to do business with, focus more on offering value vs reducing your price. If they really want to work with you, they’ll pay. Negotiating with Coles for a cheaper price on your weekly groceries is not considered reasonable, so why should you accept it?

PRO TIP: If you find sticking to a certain pricing structure difficult, I encourage creating a physical price list for each and every item or service you offer. Writing out how much each thing costs for you to deliver PLUS how long it takes for you to deliver it, helps in identifying your profit margins. This works for both product-based and service-based businesses.

  • Who You Want To Sell To | Now, before you say “everyone”… stop. I’d hazard a guess that you’re not selling to 4 year olds and Pensioners, or Athletes and Accountants. Ideally, you’re in business to do business with people you like (or at least respect) and who value what you bring to the table. And guess what?! Getting clear about who you want to ‘sell’ to and work with will help make every other business decision much easier. This includes your pricing, branding, your customer service style, your business culture, how and where you advertise your business, and so on.

From the perspective of a web design agency, the clearer you are on these three aspects of your business, the better we can match your website and online marketing strategy. It also helps you make more informed and considered decisions about your marketing, your investments, your team and so forth. Clarity helps you move EVERYTHING forward faster. Clarity helps you problem-solve more easily by eliminating more of the time wasting distractions. Clarity helps you build confidence.

But getting clear isn’t always easy. Particularly if you are operating as a sole trader or feeling as though you have little to no support network around you. It’s worth it though. It’s what sets sustainable and rewarding businesses apart from all the rest.

Where A Business Coach Can Help

Starting and attempting to grow a business is challenging enough as it is, and trying to gain clarity amongst all of the self doubt, uncertainty and lack of know-how and experience can make the whole pursuit feel like a marathon.

A good business coach can help you get unstuck by identifying the patterns (life is just patterns) and beliefs that are keeping you stuck. 

A great business coach is The Ideal Pattern Interrupter!

Partaking in either group business coaching programs/sessions OR acquiring the right 1:1 business coach / mentor will help you get clearer faster and help reduce much of the self doubt.

Covering the areas of business start ups, business and personal growth, profitability, recurring revenue, automation and marketing, I also offer group and 1:1 Business Growth Coaching.

If you’re seeking the support and guidance from an experienced, highly motivated and encouraging business owner who’s been there, done that, I invite you to register for a FREE 20 Minute Clarity Call with me!

Ready For A Business Coach That’ll Get You Clear?

You’ll Cover A Lot In Just 20 Minutes!

There’ll be questions, suggestions, ideas shared… all in pursuit of clarity around the area/s of your business that are worthy of further exploration. 

It’s often through this process – this dialogue – that you discover where the opportunities exist for your business. Ah! one of the many benefits of getting clear! You’re able to extract that next-big, enticing and exciting opportunity that can really propel your business forward as well as help you get unstuck if you’re not sure ‘where to’ from here.

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