Business Ideas to make you go WOW! – Top 5 Craziest Online Business Ideas

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Do you have a bunch of business ideas buzzing around in your head? A bunch of business ideas that just seem too crazy to work, but they still just keep popping up? Maybe, just maybe, you should follow that ‘crazy’ urge! After all, for the 5 online business ideas we’re about to look at, following the ‘crazy’ urge actually lead to crazy success!

  1. Potato Parcel

    This wacky business idea came to our attention back in 2015. American news source CNBC reported on it with the headline ‘This guy makes $10,000 a month shipping potatoes’. But he’s not a farmer, or a chef, or a gourmet food supplier. Nope.

    ‘Potato Parcel’ is an online business that will hand write a (short!) personalised message on a completely regular, average potato in black marker and mail it to your chosen recipient on your behalf. Yep, that’s the extent of the business.

    A glance at their website tells us they’re still at it, with a few added extras now available. New features include the option to emblazon an image of your face on said potato, add some candy into the package to sweeten the spuddy deal, or have your potato delivered in an appropriately themed burlap sack.

    Possibly the funniest bonus feature is the fact that the potatoes are all sent anonymously unless otherwise requested! AND they’re available internationally!

  2. Vitality Air

    Fresh air: it’s the one thing that’s definitely free right? Of all the crazy business ideas, surely no one is making money selling air?! Right?! Oh, but they are!

    Vitality Air was established by Moses Lam in 2014 and also sells individual bottles of flavoured oxygen and ‘myst’. However, their flagship product is… air. Just air. Apparently collected in the UNESCO World Heritage site of The Rocky Mountains, Canada, each bottle retails for upwards of US$28.99 for 8 litres of Banff Air.

    The company’s biggest customer base seems to be from China where the air quality in cities is notoriously bad, while the middle and high income social class is constantly growing.

    The benefits of this bottled air have zero scientific backing and the company itself is incredibly vague… And yet, 4 years on and the company is still ticking along, and even expanding their product range. Root beer flavoured oxygen anyone? Is this not one of the craziest online business ideas you’ve ever seen?

  3. Gold Donuts

    So we know that artisan ‘hipster’ food is something you’re going to pay top dollar for, but these gold donuts take the cake… uh, donut! Created by Filipino restaurant ‘The Manila Social Club’ in Brooklyn in the United States, these sweet treats are filled with gourmet ‘ube’ mousse and champagne jelly.

    Why ‘gold’? These desserts are literally covered in specks of 24 carat gold. At $100US a piece, you’d really, really want to savour every bite!

    Social media tells us that, due to the success of these donuts, the creators are currently in the process of reinventing their business model to focus exclusively on donuts. Stay tuned, maybe you’ll be able to order one soon!

  4. ‘I am rich’

    This one is more of a special mention rather than a legitimate business, but when it comes to online business ideas to raise money fast, it’s amusing!

    German Armin Heinrich created an app called ‘I am rich’ and sold it in the Apple app store for $999.99. Practically speaking, the app does nothing except lighten your wallet when you buy it. Yep, zero functionality.

    In the words of the app description:

    “The red icon on your iPhone or iPod touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were rich enough to afford this. It’s a work of art with no hidden function at all.”

    Apple took the app down soon after it was released, but the creator claims that at least 8 people bought it in the 24 hours it was available.

  5. The Million Dollar Homepage

    Is this the winner in online business ideas? This website has made $1,000, 000 simply by selling off pixels on its website homepage that it will then link to the URL of your choice.

    You’re probably familiar with what a pixel is, at least generally. Every image you see online contains hundreds or thousands of them. They are the digital equivalent of a single dot point, when clumped together they become images. And, in the case of Million Dollar Homepage, they become valuable!

    Creator Alex Tew wanted a way to pay for his college tuition, so he designed a website where anyone could buy pixels for $1 a piece and link it to wherever the buyer chose. That’s it. That’s the entire premise of this online business idea that netted its creator over $1,000,000. Seems crazy, but it’s true!

So those are our top 5 crazy online business ideas! We hope at least one made you go ‘Wow!’, or amused you somehow! Surely in the light of these crazy successes, your business idea doesn’t seem that ‘out there’ after all. There’s even a decent chance that, with the right website, online presence and marketing strategy, you could make money from your crazy business idea. Get in touch with Web-Sta today and let us know what you’re thinking, we’re happy to help you become the next online success that no one saw coming!