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Things to know about your SEO Campaign with Web-Sta

  • An ‘SEO Campaign’ runs for 6 months consecutively – NEW by popular request, Clients can now select to create recurring payments to ensure their place in our SEO pool
  • To continue building on traction gained in a previous campaign, renew below for your next SEO Campaign
  • Keyword Search Phrases (KSP) Lists are reviewed with each Campaign
  • First time Web-Sta SEO Clients, please proceed with the information below

How to Secure Your Next Campaign

  1. Select your Payment typeexplained below, and
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PayPal Payments Options – with or without an account 

Option 1 – I have an existing PayPal account.

To pay via an existing PayPal account:

  • Proceed to the Payment Form below
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  • Click the Yellow Button

Thank-you for choosing Web-Sta as your SEO success collaborator.

Option 2 – I don’t have an existing PayPal account, and don’t want to create one, but still want to use this secure platform for these payments.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can opt for an automated monthly debit from your preferred debit or credit card.

To select this option:

  • Proceed to the Payment Form below
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  • Click on the ‘Subscribe using a credit or debit card’ link and set up a temporary account with PayPal to securely process your payments for the 6 months of your campaign.

Invoice Payment Option – pre-pay + Save 10% 

Invoices are issued for pre-paid SEO Campaigns (6 months in full). A 10% discount is available on these paid-in-full accounts.

All too much, and don’t know what to do?

At Web-Sta, we understand that our Clients have crafted different skills and talents to us, meaning the fast-paced world of ‘Technology” may not be one of them.

If in doubt about which Campaign Tier to select, please contact us and we’ll happily to guide you through any part of this process. 

Thanks again for choosing Web-Sta as your SEO success collaborator,
and for using our automated processes where available. Doing so means more time to do the activities that add most value to our business partnerships and WIN-WIN success.

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* the ‘eMarketing’ component applies to T1 Clients. This tier includes monthly Blogging + eNewsletter  distribution +
automated Blog-2-FB posts services, amongst other activities