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“There are tons of different factors
that go into ranking well, but the biggest is high-quality content.”

~ David Sinick, pro blogger

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Why is Ranking in Google Important?

While the studies on Google rank position differ slightly, according to Smart Insights, organic search engine click-through-rates (CTRs) are estimated as follows:

  • Position 1 =  25-30% of all searches
  • Position 2  to 3 = 12%
  • Position 4 = ONLY 4%

From positions 5 and down, the share of clicks, or ‘search-dregs’, dwindles significantly.

SEO-Focused Blogging Inclusions

Here’s why hiring a professional SEO agency to carry out your blogging makes perfect sense.

  1. Save Time // well written, quality content that appeals to your audience + influences your Google ranking takes time to research + write. Sourcing the appropriate featured image also takes time. We take care of all of this for you.
  2. Increase Conversion // by providing your target audience with content that is perceived as quality + valuable (namely, informative, educational, and/or entertaining), encourages user-engagement, and influences readers to take action.
  3. Build Marketing Collateral // an SEO-focused blogging campaign or series provides you with quality content to be published to your website. This can then be further distributed via social media + sent via email to your database to drive additional traffic to your website.

Google Research

The latest SEO-focused Google research to identify what Key Search Phrases (KSPs) your target audience are typing in.

Blogging Packages

6 + 12 Blogs Packs // creative + engaging topics + headlines.

We Including Images // to avoid copyright issues, we source Copyright Free Featured Images for your new blog + website content.

Content Approvals

All Blogs, with feature image, are provided for your prior approval.

Sharable Blog PDF Documents

All approved Blogs are supplied in PDF format for sharing via email + media release distribution for further reach.


If we manage your website, we’ll schedule the publication of your blog series or new website content on your behalf

Video Tutorial

We’ll share our suggested Blog-2-Social Media posting process to promote via your social media including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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