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Video is taking over the internet.

Second only to Google, YouTube has become a powerful platform for entertainment, news, and most importantly – marketing.

The use of video for marketing has seen staggering growth, increasing by 100% each year with 81% of marketers now incorporating video into their overall strategy.

With that in mind, it’s time your business caught up with the trend and reaped the rewards of video content.

We’ll explain the following reasons why animated explainer videos make money for your business:

  • Video content is more accessible and engaging
  • Animated explainer videos boost your SEO
  • Animations create heightened brand awareness

Animated video content is the perfect way to distil your marketing messages in a format that creates an immersive experience for customers and sparks a connection with your brand.

Read on and discover your business’s secret weapon for lead generation.

3 Ways
Animated Explainer Videos
Generate Revenue

1. Video Content Is More Accessible And Engaging

Video is probably the most accessible form of online content, which is why so many people are watching and sharing video around the world.

Accessibility is a fundamental principle of web design and development – and accessible content is great for both customers and for your business. People who need to research before buying a product get a straightforward experience, plus you maximise revenue potential by putting your content in front of more customers.

If they like what they’re watching, 92% of viewers will share a video with friends – which makes it worth your while to invest in video content to expand your audience and increase online traffic.

Here are some clever ways to use explainer video content to convert more visitors on your website:

  • Helpful walk-throughs

Animated explainer videos are a great way to demonstrate how to use your product or service, and showcase the value of your business to potential customers.

If you sell a product or service that’s difficult to use or explain, video content is the perfect way to simplify your instructions for a wider audience. It’s also the perfect way to emphasise the features and benefits of your products to customers who’ve never used your service before.

For example, let’s imagine your health and wellbeing business provides float pod sessions. It’s an effective treatment with numerous benefits, but many customers don’t understand how float tanks are operated, or what to expect – which could make them standoffish!

Sharing an animated explainer video that shows potential customers what to expect when it comes to their float pod session (and how it’s not scary at all) is the perfect way to ensure customers understand how your service works – and why it’s so valuable.

Today, the majority of customers prefer to watch a video than read an article about a product or service, so creating animations as well as blogs widens the audience you’re connecting with.

  • Relatable pain-point illustrations

Do you find that your customers didn’t realise how much they needed your product until they bought it?

Sometimes people have no idea that they’re missing out on a product and service that could make their life easier. With animated explainer videos, you can simply and effectively illustrate your customers’ pain points, before highlighting the usefulness of your product.

It’s a similar tactic used by late-night infomercials, where painful situations are reenacted before advertising the product that solves the problem.

Here’s an example, you’re a vocal coach, and your clients tell you that they didn’t realise how much singing lessons would improve their overall confidence. By sharing animated explainer videos on your vocal coaching website, people looking to develop their confidence or be part of a community choir will understand the value of singing lessons as a solution to some of their challenges.

With the power of video content, you can attract a wider pool of customers who might otherwise not have made a connection with your business.

Unlock the revenue potential of animated explainer videos with Web-Sta. Check out what we’ve created for our clients in a wide range of industries.

animated explainer video

2. Animated Explainer Videos Strengthen Your SEO Efforts

The visibility of video content and its ability to draw more visitors to your website makes it a powerful SEO tactic for your business.

As high-quality animations and valuable video content become more popular forms of advertising, businesses incorporating animated explainer videos are seeing their lead generation skyrocket.

There are a couple of clear ways that video content (especially animated explainer videos) boost your website’s SEO:

  • Maximised click-through rates

If you’re getting a lot of click-throughs, that means people are getting to you from search engines – and staying on your site to explore what’s on offer.

To have a high click-through rate, search engines have to register your content as valuable and relevant to search engine queries before putting your website or branded YouTube channel in front of potential customers.

Video content that clearly educates, inspires and activates viewers is the gold-standard. Having a relevant animated explainer video, contextualised on the page with clever content, can drive an increased click-through rate of 157%.

To maximise your click-throughs with video content and animations, make sure what you’re creating is specifically relevant to what potential customers might be searching for. If you need help planning your animations, a skilled digital team or Brisbane web design agency should be able to help you.

Jokes about marketers and bounce rates
  • Minimised bounce rates

Bounce rates occur when people click away from your website. There are many reasons why someone might leave a web page – your content might be boring or difficult to understand, the page might be slow to load, or the content isn’t relevant to what the visitor is searching for.

But, with videos on your web pages, people are far more likely to stay on your page and soak up your messages. In fact, visitors spend twice as long on a page with video embedded within the content.

If you can grab someone’s attention with an animated explainer video, they’ll feel more intrigued by your business and spend more time on your website. Of course, that increases the chance that they’ll purchase your services or get in touch to become a customer.

3. Animations Create Heightened Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the most fundamental strategies of digital marketing. It’s pretty self-explanatory, the more aware people are of your business, the more likely they are to respond positively and actively to your advertising.

Any marketing effort that boosts brand awareness will increase lead generation for your business. Video content is the perfect method for this because customers get a far more immersive introduction to who you are as a brand compared to reading words on a page.

The following features of an animated explainer video maximise brand awareness:

Brand Colours And Logos

A talented team of animators can create video content for your business that incorporates your brand colour scheme, logos, catchphrases, and other important content that makes your business unique.

By displaying these branded elements within your animation, whatever meaningful content is delivered to the viewer is presented alongside those subliminal messages that make your brand memorable.

For example, sharing animated explainer videos featuring your team in their uniform is going to spark a connection between your customers and the colours worn by your employees. When they see your staff at one of your stores, they’ll immediately recognise your brand – and be more interested in your products or services.

Tell A Story

People like to form a connection with the brands they buy from. By incorporating storytelling elements into all your content creation – from animations to blogs and website content – you have a higher chance of making an impact with your online audience.

Telling a story should be the backbone of any animated explainer video. People respond emotionally to a relatable story and are more likely to share something that’s presented in a familiar way.

Storytelling is a great way to build brand awareness in a more organic and authentic way, using empathy and emotions rather than just a straight-up call-to-action that makes no attempt to connect on a human level.

For example, if you’re looking to showcase your products with video content, create an animated explainer video that follows the story of a customer’s experience with your product. It could be as simple as following their journey of buying the product and using it to solve their problem. Or if you’re feeling creative, you can use humour or even some dramatic tension to entertain customers and win their loyalty.

animated explainer video tell stories

At Web-Sta, we have an experienced team of animators who can craft your brand into captivating video content that connects with your customers. Talk to us to find out more about how you can tap into revenue opportunities with animated explainer videos. 


The power of video content for lead generation can be refined down to this fact – the human experience is dominated by what we see.

To maximise your revenue potential and spark a connection with a wider audience, businesses should take animations seriously and create animated explainer videos to showcase their products.

With a professional web design agency by your side, you can take your business further with modern, relevant, and persuasive animations. Talk to our team to create successful video content.

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