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Cheap vs Affordable Web Design, and Why it Matters

You might think that the words ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’ mean the same thing.

When it comes to web design, there’s a substantial difference between a low up-front cost and a sustainable investment in your online presence.

Many business owners are restricted by their budget, but that doesn’t mean they should have to compromise on quality.

We’ve put together some useful advice to help you find an affordable web design solution that will also help you get results and a return on your investment.

We’ll help you:

  1. Understand the difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’ web design
  2. Learn how an affordable web design company can work with your budget
  3. See a website as an asset that’s worth investing in

With the right web design team by your side, you can build a website to be proud of (without breaking the bank).

3 Things To Know About
Affordable Web Design & Development

1.   The Difference Between ‘Cheap’ And Affordable Web Design & Development

First, make sure you’re using the right language to describe the web design services that you’re looking for.

Technically, the words ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’ have similar meanings, but very different connotations:

  • Cheap: low-quality, discounted, one-off, tacky
  • Affordable: sustainable, budgeted, planned, cost-effective

No one wants cheap web design – especially a business wanting to make a good impression online.

Customers can quickly tell if you’ve cut corners or hired an inexperienced designer to build your business’s website. 

These tell-tale signs of cheap web design stick out like a sore thumb:

  • Cliche logo
  • Low-resolution images
  • Unprofessional fonts
  • Cluttered layout
  • Chaotic colour scheme
  • Bad spelling & grammar
  • Annoying pop-ups

Remember, the whole purpose of your website is to advertise your business and attract customers. Cheap web design falls at the first hurdle because 80% of customers will click away if the website is poorly designed for their device.

It takes a fraction of a second for someone to spot an error in your website. One bad impression is a loss of potential revenue – that’s the cost of choosing a cheap web designer.

On the other hand, you can use affordable web design without damaging your customers’ perception of your business.

Unlike cheap design services, affordable web design can achieve similar results to more expensive solutions. If you can find an affordable web design company that understands your business, it’s possible to build a platform that gets results without breaking the bank.

This is because affordable web design, by definition, is made to fit with a business’s budget. It’s more than just a cheap up-front cost – it’s a sustainable investment that can grow with a business.

But it’s difficult to find an affordable web design company that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Tips for finding an affordable web design & development company:

  • Stay local

Local affordable web designers are more likely to understand your industry and your customers. Communication and collaboration will also be more effective. Low prices from overseas developers might sound tempting, but there’s a far greater risk of a scam and a poor outcome. 

  • Ask questions

To ensure that you’re receiving an affordable web design service, it’s important to ask your designer questions to get clarity on all costs. If you’re honest about your budget, an affordable web design company can show you how best to spend your budget on web design that makes an impact.

  • Plan ahead

If you’re approaching web design on a budget, it’s important to know exactly what you want to get from affordable web design & development. This means assessing your current website and making a list of what your new site should include. By planning out your project, you ultimately save time (and money) on consultations.

To discuss your website requirements openly with a team of professionals who understand your business,
talk to Web-Sta.

2.   An Affordable Web Design Company Can Take Your Budget Further

Many businesses get sucked into cheap and low-quality web design when they see something like this:

affordable web design packages

Packages from web design sites might seem attractive at first. They provide an up-front cost, they’re advertised as far cheaper than other options, and they usually promise a quick turnaround.

But these packages have hidden problems:

  • No flexibility

Preset web design packages have a strict set of features, some of which might not be helpful or relevant to your business. Cheap web designers aren’t interested in adapting their service to fit your needs.

  • Limited collaboration

Quick and transactional projects lack collaboration. This means the web designer might not take the time to discuss your business or allow you to provide feedback on progress or their work.

  • Poor quality

Web design packages often create low-quality websites that don’t perform. The result of limited communication is a website that fails to represent a business.

Common pitfalls of cheap web design

But, a business can choose affordable web design without compromising on quality. With a bit of planning and smart decision making, business owners can find a solution that is both cost-effective and achieves their goals.

The main advantage of affordable web design is that it can be tailored to your budget. With that in mind, businesses must find affordable web designers who are flexible and create plans that fit with each business’s unique needs.

An affordable web design company can take your budget further, here’s how:

  • Flexibility

No business is the same, so why should affordable web design be restricted to certain features?

If you run a small business or a local startup, you’ll be facing the challenge of building a website with a tight budget.

Cost won’t be a problem forever, but right now a website is a necessity and you’ve only got a limited amount of resources to allocate to its development.

In your position, the last thing you need is to pay for features and services that aren’t useful or relevant to your business. If you already have a strong social media presence but need a website and a new logo, there’s no point paying for a package that includes social media support!

Instead, you need an affordable web design company for small businesses who can tailor a package that suits your unique needs.

  • Advice

A relationship with a web designer should be more than just a one-off transaction. If you’re running a small business with budget constraints, it’s important to have access to professional advice from people who genuinely care about your goals.

A professional and affordable web designer can offer advice on:

  • Marketing (inbound and outbound)
  • Resource allocation
  • Branding
  • Sales
  • Time management

An affordable web design company based in your community is more likely to take the time to understand your business and guide you through your options.

  • Long-term strategy

The point of difference between cheap web design and affordable web design is that affordable web design companies offer sustainable options.

A website isn’t just a one-off project. It takes a consistent investment of time, resources, and money to get results and grow your business’s online presence.

Instead of maxing out your web design budget on one website package, choose a web designer who can stretch your budget across a sustainable long-term strategy

Businesses who blog get 97% more links to their website than businesses who don’t. An affordable web designer might suggest that you opt for content marketing instead of flashy animations to strengthen your website.

It’s about making your budget go the distance and get maximum results. If you choose the right affordable web design company, they’ll think ahead and design a solution that achieves your goals long-term.

  • Industry knowledge

A web designer who understands your business is far better than a web designer who’s never encountered your industry before.

If you’re facing the challenges of a tight budget for your website, you might assume that you’ll have to forgo a knowledgeable developer to get an affordable web design solution.

But that’s not always the case. If you ask around in your community or conduct thorough research online, you’ll find an affordable web design company that’s worked for your industry before.

The key thing to do is look for their portfolio, or ask them directly if they understand your business.

At Web-Sta, we’ve built websites for a huge range of small businesses in many industries across the country. Check out our work or talk to our team to find out more about our capability.

affordable web design

3.   Understand That A Website Is An Asset Worth Investing In

Before they consult with a web designer, many business owners feel that a website is just a box to tick – not a business investment.

Websites were a luxury asset in the past. But, as customer behaviour has shifted to online shopping and browsing, your business will see a significant return on investment from a well-designed website that drives sales.

Before websites and other forms of inbound marketing (such as blogs and videos) became successful, most businesses relied on traditional forms of outbound marketing – such as ads in the newspaper, on the radio, or billboards.

But today, inbound marketing achieves the same (if not, more) sales than outbound efforts – and costs 61% less.

With this information to hand, business owners can get more out of their website budget and achieve a better ROI by shifting their resources from outbound to inbound marketing.

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You Can Build An Awesome Website Without Breaking The Bank

If your business needs a website, but you’re feeling the pressure of your budget, take the time to evaluate your options. This means talking to a team of professionals – not jumping on the first web design package you see online!

Have a chat to our team for advice on how to make your budget work and a tailored solution for affordable web design.

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