A Money Mindset Boost

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The “Why” Behind Making Money

“With My Mind On My Money & Money On My Mind”

The infamous Snoop Dogg (and several others) have helped turn this simple phrase into a philosophy. And rightfully so. Money is deemed a pretty vital resource. When we feel like we don’t have enough or we need to protect what we do have, it can be tricky not to spiral down into a poor money mindset sinkhole. I’ve been guilty of this, and particularly over the past few years, have witnessed several of my fellow business owners become consumed by this ‘lack mentality’ when it comes to their moolah.

The problem is, a continued poor money mindset can be very destructive and is one of the tell tale signs between a business owner that constantly struggles vs one that’s determined to succeed.

Healthier Money Habits & Headspace

“Wealth is largely the result of habit” – John Jacob Astor

Reflecting back on the 1000s of businesses we’ve served and who I’ve personally worked with… I’ve noticed that those I’d call successful all have several things in common. The most obvious one is they have a pretty healthy relationship around money. They’ve taken the time to understand it, and have established great habits when it comes to managing their money. They’re mindful spenders, they invest in strategic marketing, they build lovely relationships with their audience and they focus on Serving vs Selling.

They’re empowered and seem to understand principles like:

  • “You Become What You Think About All Day Long.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” – Neale Donald Walsh
  • “As A Man Thinks, So He Is; As He Continues To Think, So He Remains.” – James Allen

The most successful business owners also focus on problem-solving vs getting stuck in the minutia of the problem itself. Radical Responsibility is the name of the game they play. This influences their mindset around money, business and life as a whole.

There’s more of a focus on attracting money vs making it. And that’s exactly how we approach web design. We want your website to attract the kinds of customers and income you desire. No hard sell, no trying to convince anyone. It’s all about demonstrating how your offering is the solution to their issue and that you’re a credible business to engage with.

Resources To Boost Your Money Mindset

If you ever feel like you’re heading down a spiral, here’s a few resources that might serve as a boost to your money mindset. I love empowering business owners to learn as much as they can, particularly around areas in their business that might not be their strongest suit.

THE ABUNDANCE CODE“Transform old limiting beliefs into abundant beliefs propelling you towards financial freedom you deserve.” This is the very first sentence on www.theabundancecodebook.com, a website we’ve recently redesigned for author Julie Ann Cairns as seen on The Oprah Magazine, ABC Radio, Forbes.com and more. Julie Ann’s mission is to empower people to live an abundant life free from false beliefs. The Abundance Code offers a video series on the 7 Money Myths completely for FREE! 

THE BORING SH!T YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BUSINESS – This Podcast by Amy Bajada about Money Mindset Myths offers very practical, “non-fluffy” money insights that are super empowering. I’m also a BIG fan of her online and live Cash Flow courses, specifically designed for small business owners to really wrap their head around their numbers and regain control. Even after 15 years in business, I’ve learned a lot from Amy’s group and 1:1 coaching. And I am confident you will too.

HAPPY BANK – In their article 6 Steps To Creating a Positive Money Mindset, Happy Bank shares the following 6 steps that were so darn easy… I had to include them.

    1. Forgive Your Past Financial Mistakes
    2. Understand Your Thoughts and Emotions Surrounding Money
    3. Realize That Comparing Yourself to Others is a Losing Game
    4. Work on Forming Good Habits
    5. Create a Budget That Brings You Joy
    6. Remember to be Thankful

Definitely worth a read if you’d like to delve deeper into how you can improve your mindset when it comes to money.

Money Mindset Summary

How can your website start making more money for you?

Sure, this article has little to nothing to do with web design or marketing – but it is about business – and as a very important topic that impacts EVERY business owner, I felt compelled to share it.

At the end of the day, many of us go into business, not just to cover costs, but to make money – ideally a profit. Over the years, I’ve paid close attention to those business owners that I can see are doing well and have witnessed they all have a healthy money mindset. The cool thing is, we all can work towards improving our attitude around our cash and building a more abundant relationship with it. I hope these resources help you do just that.

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