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Welcome to 2019 there

As of Monday, team Web-Sta will be back on deck + ready to collaborate with you for your success. Keep an eye out for our newsletter next week about the ways we plan to do this.

This week however, it’s time to consider if the vital PPRS // Privacy, Performance, Reviews + Spam Upgrades Package on offer is for you!

The special price for this package is only available now
until the end of January 2019

Save $350 in total

by claiming this upgrade for your online business today

Unsure if this is beneficial to you? Review below, or give me a call on 0415 142 178 today and find out.


Warm regards
Karen + Team Web-Sta

​Special Price Ending Soon…

Last Year’s Price Available For January Only

Upgrades Package

Quick off the block Web-Sta clients have already leveraged this valuable website upgrades package.

This is all great thank you Karen. We particularly like the Rich Reviews (which we approve by the way). Having this on our page and an area to direct happy clients is excellent. Google reviews can only occur if you have a google account so a lot of people aren’t using it because of that. Thank you for all of your hard work, I’ve noticed a difference in work since getting the website particularly over winter. ~ Julie Caught, Bribie Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

To ensure your website also...

  • Meets the Australian Privacy Act (1998)
  • Performs at a speed that both your customers and Google will reward
  • Displays your 5-Star Reviews; and
  • Is Spam ‘Bot’ compliant.
We’ve extended this special offer for THIS MONTH ONLY.


A new website for a fraction of the cost
eMarketing Like a BOSS
A new website revived for a fraction of the cost
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