6 Ways Your Website Can Make You Money

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The “Why” Behind Making Money

“Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king”.

– Unknown

We’ve all heard the saying, “Cash is King”. Cash is also extremely important when it comes to starting, growing and successfully maintaining a business. Practically, it keeps the lights on, pays your staff and covers the bills. It’s a vital resource. Then there’s the more meaningful aspect to money. It affords you, your family and your staff a certain lifestyle. It offers you more choice and freedom to financially support extended family and friends, other businesses as well as charities and not-for-profits that you feel aligned with. Money also grants us access to a life experience that flows and feels abundant – isn’t this the REAL reason why we go into the business in the first place? To create a better quality life for ourselves and those around us?

Now back to what this has to do with your website.

How The Right Website Can Make You More Money

A good quality website is one that accurately reflects what you do, how you do it and who you do it for. Visually and through the wording on the page, your website needs to be focused on appealing to your target audience in order to convert as many viewers into followers – or better still – paying customers.

  1. Attract More Leads | Particularly for service-based businesses it’s all about leads. Ideally, a website that ranks well has the potential to reach more of the people you want to do business with. From there it becomes a numbers game – how many of those visitors to your website you can convert into paying customers.
  2. Convert More Leads | Once you have attracted all of that lovely traffic to your website the quality design, aligned website wording, and really obvious and appealing Calls To Action (CTA) does the hard work. A well placed CTA shows visitors what to do next. Like road signage directs traffic, the right website can “direct” its visitors, steering them to do whatever it is you wish for them to do. For example:
    • Subscribe to your newsletter,
    • Complete an enquiry form,
    • Make a booking,
    • View a certain page,
    • Buy a product,
    • Make a payment, or simply
    • Encourage someone to give you a call.
  3. Simple Online Payments | Would you like to be paid upfront? Using a reliable payment gateway like Stripe, Paypal or Square, your website can actually ‘collect’ money on your behalf. Allow new prospects to place an order or pay a deposit straight away, or even make progress payments on any outstanding invoices. Depending on how this is set-up, you can even synchronise online website payments with your bookkeeping software… Time Saved = Money Saved = Money Made!
  4. Fully Fledged Shopping Cart | If you have a wide range of services or products OR you offer your customers a lot of choice (e.g. different variations/options), an online shopping cart can allow your customers to self-serve and pay… any time day and night. Many purchase decisions are made on the spur of the moment and it’s an online shopping cart system that allows them to act on this impulse.
  5. Make It More Efficient | Some of my favorite efficiency hacks include online quoting and online bookings. Not only does offering automated quotes and online bookings save you time – and therefore money – they also allow you to;
    • Vet prospective customers without needing to talk with them – If they are ready to do business with you, they’ll likely make a booking or accept an online quote right then and there.
    • Collect payment immediately – Again, this is an ideal way to ensure the prospect is ready to do business with you. This can help avoid cancellations and no-shows.
  6. Sell It | Do you have a succession plan? It’s sad to say but over the years, I’ve seen 100s of amazing businesses close down because the owners are ready to retire or have lost their passion for what they do. Sure, closing the doors is the easiest thing to do, but it’s also one of the least profitable. I’ve always been an advocate for creating a business that’s worth selling, even if you have no intention to sell. This concept compels you to treat your business differently and you begin to view every aspect of your business, including your website, as a valuable and potentially profitable asset that can be sold at a later date. At Web-Sta, we’ve managed many successful website transfers including domain ownership changes, revoking/granting hosting and email access and even swapping add-on services like PayPal and third-party software.

Money Making Website Summary

How can your website start making more money for you?

From generating more leads to collecting actual payments, the right website can become a time-saving, money making machine for you and your business. We call this a WEBSITE THAT WORKS!

For more information on online payments and shopping carts, read our articles on Collecting Online Payments and  Transforming Your Website Into An Online Shop.
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