5 Signs You Need A Website Redesign – A Website Health Check

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When did you last take a good look at, and browse, your own website?

For some it was when they first started their business. Like many business owners with a million things to do, a cheap and quick, sometimes DIY website is made to communicate the basics – always meaning to go back and improve it later.

As the years go by, it’s easy to get caught up with day-to-day management that your website can become a dated relic. Now you can’t bear to look at it, and any late-night attempts to improve it make you more frustrated.

It might be time for a website redesign. If you’re unsure of what it takes to build a website and choose the right website design and development agency to help you out, you no doubt feel a bit overwhelmed right now.

To help you get ready to transform your business’s website, we’ve broken down the 5 key reasons to redesign your website – and the risks of putting it off even longer:

  1. Your website is outdated
  2. Your website isn’t mobile-optimised
  3. You’ve undergone a rebrand or updated the business
  4. Your website is too slow
  5. Your content needs a refresh

A website redesign with an experienced web designer in Brisbane can turn your digital presence into a powerful marketing tool for your business. But first, it’s important to understand exactly why a website redesign is what your business needs.

The 5 important reasons to redesign your website

This simple + easy flow chart
ensures you know what to look out for
so your website doesn’t become outdated.

5 Signs You Need A Website Redesign – A Website Health Check

#1 | Your website design is outdated

Does your current website make you cringe? Perhaps it looks something like this:

Source: Hubspot
Source: Hubspot

Your website might not be 18 years old like the screenshot above, however any outdated information or design features on your website will certainly put off potential customers. When 75% of people judge the credibility of an organisation from their website, outdated web design is seriously detrimental to your business.

Here are some telltale signs your site is outdated:

  • Cringe-worthy fonts and animations | dated fonts like the dated literature classic Times Roman can discredit a professional website. Blinking text and animated graphics (you know, the ones that require updated Flash players) are ten years out of fashion – and can be inaccessible to colour-sensitive users or people with epilepsy.
  • Cluttered design | if your website is box-like or a jumble of inconsistent text and images, you’re not making a good first impression – plus customers have a hard time figuring out what your business is all about! A website redesign provides an opportunity to refine your content and focus on key messages including clear and directive Calls-To-Action.
  • Outdated information | expired copyright dates, old blog posts, and irrelevant products or services immediately discredit your business and frustrate customers – advertising outdated products could even get you in legal trouble.

And it’s not just about having pretty pages. Your business’s site should take potential customers on a journey – that ends with them contacting you or picking up the phone to get in touch! 

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B19 2 - 3 Tell-tale Signs Your Website is Outdated

#2 | Your website isn’t mobile-optimised

Mobile is tipping the scales for online searches and transactions, and a website redesign should be at the top of your list if your site can’t be, or isn’t easy to navigate, use on a smartphone, or use on other mobile devices like tablets. Today’s customers use their phone more than their desktop and tablet to browse, shop, and search for local businesses on the go. 

The vast majority of customers expect the same or better experience of a website when browsing on their smartphone – a big reason to redesign your website.  

When it comes to the technicalities of redesigning a website for mobile, you can choose between mobile-friendly, mobile-optimised, or mobile-responsive. Yes, there are 3 levels!

  • Mobile-friendly is the bare minimum, a site that accurately displays information on a mobile or tablet but doesn’t provide a high-quality experience via touch-screen.
  • Mobile-optimised sites are more advanced, and will reformat themselves to provide a seamless experience for a list of devices – prioritising content, resizing call-to-action buttons and images, and simplifying navigation for thumbs.
  • Mobile-responsive websites are more complex and usually feature custom elements and lots of pages / posts. This type of site is optimised for any and all devices and (to the user) automatically organises the layout and size of images and wording based on the size of the screen being used. 
Vital = Updating your website to be Mobile Response

Mobile compatibility is one of the most important reasons to redesign your website. A good web design company will help you choose the right option and create a strategy to make your business accessible (and impressive) to users on all devices. Your website’s ability to load well, and be usable on mobile devices also has an impact on your Google ranking.

#3 | You’ve undergone a rebrand or updated the business

Your website is both your online storefront and the home (we call this ROME) for where all of your other digital and non-digital marketing, advertising and Public Relations (PR) needs to lead browsers to. Because of this, it’s crucial to align your website with your current brand messages or new products and services.

It’s an eye roll-worthy cliche and, it’s worth repeating, Consistency Is Key when it comes to web design. Any significant change within your business is a reason to review and redesign sections if not your entire website to keep everything aligned.

Here’s how a web designer in Brisbane can create a website redesign strategy around changes in your business:

Company rebrand

A rebrand is an important reason to redesign your website to leverage your new look and impress your customers. Despite almost all businesses having formal brand guidelines, only 25% actually use them across all platforms including social media and their website. If you have a brand guideline document, or your graphic designer created some for your business, your web design company can use these to create a modern web design that aligns with your upgraded brand.

Shift in focus or target audience

Many businesses discover a new target customer after tracking their online performance, or realise they could shift their marketing focus to widen their audience and maximise revenue. A website redesign from an experienced and professional web design company will adjust your site’s design and content to incorporate the pain points and preferences of new customers.

Business expansion

If your business has undergone significant expansion, a website redesign is necessary to update key information – and it’s the perfect way to celebrate your growth and share your success with customers! Your website redesign could feature new locations on an interactive map, advertise your latest products and services, or invite visitors to meet your bigger team with an engaging About Us page. The style and quality of your website will also go a long way in communicating the level your business is at and the quality of customers you wish to attract.

#4 | Your website has a high bounce rate

Tracking your website’s performance or doing a website audit might reveal some reasons to redesign your website – such as a high bounce rate.

This means users are leaving your website after landing on certain pages – even the Home page! Essentially, you’ve lost your chance to turn a browser into a buyer, so redesigning your website is necessary to win over customers.

Here are some ways your web designer can improve your bounce rate with a website redesign:

Identify the bouncers

A professional web design company will be able to give you more insight into which pages are losing people. For example, if all bounces are coming from a particular page, you should analyse it to spot potential deal-breakers or areas that are losing people and find ways to make the page more appealing.

Strategic content

You can use clever content to minimise bounce rates (without turning your business’s website into a clickbait article). 

Instead of cramming every piece of information about your company on the Home page, use strategic calls-to-action to point visitors to the pages that will provide them with specific information. This encourages users to navigate throughout your site and subsequently makes your website more engaging because it’s not cluttered with content.

Improve loading speed

Pages that load in 5 seconds get a 76% higher bounce rate than those that load in 2 seconds. People are impatient – especially when searching for local florists on Valentine’s Day. So if you’re a florist or any other local business with plenty of competitors, a slow loading speed could be costing you customers and Google Position. Google favours fast-loading websites.

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#5 – Your website content is putting people off

The words on your website are just as important as the design. If your content is too technical or inappropriate for your target audience, this could be a reason to redesign your website. This includes images and video content.

Here’s how a web design company can spruce updated content:

Engage your target audience

By doing research into your customer personas, an experienced website content writer will use a language and tone that resonates with your target audience, as well as demonstrating industry knowledge and an understanding of your customer’s pain points. There’s also a balance to strike between keeping your audience satisfied and keeping Google happy.

Break down technical lingo

You might be a residential builder with an in-depth knowledge of health and safety requirements and economical materials – but does the average homeowner know (or care) about the technicalities? Many small business owners make the mistake of writing their website content and being far too academic or technical when customers care more about the solutions you offer, the quality of service and whether your business understands their needs.

Keyword Research

If it’s been a while since your website wording was put together, there’s a very good chance that what it ranks for, is no-longer relevant.

A web design team with professional Search Engine Optimised (SEO) focused writers will apply just the right amount of keywords, phrases, and background code to match what your prospects are typing into search engines.

Update Imagery

Old team photos, photos taken on an older smartphone or photos that are grainy or poorly taken can definitely put people off. Either uploading new photos provided by you or professional copyright protected stock imagery are your next best options. Not only does the right imagery breathe new life into any existing website, it also makes for a better first impression.

Ask your web design company if they have professional in-house content writers. It pays to read some of the websites in their portfolio to see if the content (and the design) is up to scratch.

Conclusion: ready for a website redesign?

A website isn’t just an online storefront, it’s the way to attract paying customers on every device. 

With the right web design company by your side, a website redesign could transform your business’s online presence into a strategic marketing machine. It’s time to stop stressing over your dated site and call in the professionals to build your website, while you build your business. At Web-Sta, we support local businesses with results-driven websites. Get in touch today to find out what we can create for you.

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