Effective Emails – Part 3/5 – The Email Signature

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In our first part to this 5 Part series to Effective Emails, we provided three striking email communication statistics together with our 5 Hottest Subject Line Tips. In Part 2 we presented our 5 Hottest Email Body Tips, and now in Part 3 it’s time to share our HOTTEST Email Signature Tips.

Dedicating an entire Part in this email series to The Email Signature may seem a little overboard at first. However, as you’ve no doubt heard the saying, first impressions count, have you ever noticed that two of the first things our eyes and brains compute when we open an email are: Who wrote this? And, Where are they from?

Our Email Signature is our digital identifier allowing us to establish credibility. Unlike a handwritten signature, here, we get to showcase ourselves and our business including contact information, website links, and our social channels.

Think of it as an interactive business card!

“So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!” 

There are countless ways we can sign off our communication – from the very formal, to nothing at all. From something funny to something a tad affectionate. It all just depends on your relationship with the recipient and what vibe you’re trying to create.

Ideas for Formal & Informal SIGN-OFF REMARKS




With regardsCheers
Warm regardsRegards
Kind regardsHugs and kisses
Best regardsLove always
SincerelyYours lovingly
Many thanksKeep it going…
Much appreciatedHave fun
With best wishesKeep smiling

Here at Web-Sta, we love an infographic so we couldn’t go past sharing this Email Sign-off cheat sheet by Cloud Solutions. It shows quickly and easily what’s best when designing an email signature to make sure you’re taken seriously by your team, suppliers, and clients.

7 HOT TIPS to improve your EMAIL SIGNATURE

(thanks to CloudM!)

Effective Email Inspo

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