3 Things Every Business Needs To Action Before The Holidays

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Managing Expectations

Whether you are closing over the holidays or offering extended opening hours… It’s all about managing the expectations of your customers and prospects.

Here are 3 things that every business owner needs to do before the holidays.

  1. Set Your Email Autoresponder | If you’re not planning on being glued to your inbox over Christmas, be sure to let everyone emailing you know when they can expect to hear from you. The last thing you want is people ringing you because you simply haven’t acknowledged their email.

    It’s also good practice to provide a phone number or alternative email address to contact in the event of an emergency. E.g. “If your matter is of a more urgent nature, please text {Name} on {number}, otherwise we look forward to responding to your enquiry from the {date}.
  2. Update Your Google Business Profile | If you have trading hours published on your Google map listing, be sure to update these. This is particularly important if you have a shopfront or an office that customers can come to. No one wants to drive all the way to a business just to find out they have closed an hour earlier or are closed until next week. The same can be said for businesses that are offering extended Christmas hours.

    BONUS TIP: Check all the other places where you display your business hours including your website, LinkedIn, Facebook and any other online profiles. You could also add this to your email signature and newsletter to inform your existing clientele.
  3. Record A New Voicemail Message | A simple, friendly message is all it takes to let existing and prospective customers know that you’re taking a break. Set the expectation of when they can expect to hear back from you by including any modified business hours or when you’ll return.

    REMINDER: Put a note in your calendar to change your voicemail back upon returning to work or when your trading hours go back to normal. It’s the professional thing to do 😉

Is Your Business Holiday Ready?

To recap, tending to these 3 activities now will help avoid hours of apologising to annoyed and disappointed customers down the track.


  • Setting Up Your Email Autoresponder
  • Updating Your Google Business Profile
  • Recording A New Voicemail Message

You’ll be managing customer expectations on autopilot, giving you the freedom to truly relax this holiday season.

No time to set these up yourself, or unsure of where to start?

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