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Investing in What Matters Most

To recap; in my March blog, Change is inevitable, I shared my top #3 Lessons of 2017 including;

#1 - Change is going to happen, PERIOD!
#2 - Getting pi$s3d off with change is like waving the white flag
#3 - When your plate if FULL… Ask for HELP!!

For those who have either missed or would like to recap on this ‘journey’, I’ve included links at the end ;)

For those of you who have been following, you may have noticed, we’ve all caught up on the Web-Sta Journey thus far. It’s been almost 12 months since I started getting a little personal, sharing the last few years of evolution including; the lessons, two f-bombs, the complete disassembly and the most recent
re-engineering of my life and business.

So, in this next instalment of the “Web-Sta journey”, I’ll be introducing… What’s next for Web-Sta and therefore, you and your business?

Recently, on Facebook...

If you're a regular social media user, you may have started to suspect that all that scrolling and content consumption is having an effect on your attention span.

Truth is, it is!...

Your potential customers are making decisions about whether to even consider your business faster than they ever have before.

Is your website and online presence grabbing their attention in those vital first seconds?


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Managed Web Hosting Services - An Investment You Can't Afford Not To Have

managed web hosting
While standard ‘website hosting’ can be thought of as the long term leasing of land to build your website ‘shop’ on, ‘managed website hosting services’ is the equivalent of a long term lease AND ongoing shop monitoring and maintenance.

Our Latest How-Tos

How to add G Suite email accounts to the Gmail App

1.    If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to install the Gmail App  2.   Locate it on your smartphone, tablet or other device and open the Gmail App 3.   If you already have other accounts setup, the App will open in the last inbox you were in, click on the Hamburger menu 4.   Then click on the down …

How to Edit the Body of A Newsletter in WordPress + MailPoet

Login to your WordPress Dashboard using the details supplied in your post website launch email. Select the MailPoet option - located in the black Dashboard menu on the the left of screen Click on the Tab - located towards the top of the screen, third tab along Click on the “Newsletter Title” located below the Subject column or, hover below …


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